Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lanyards – A perfect simple and cheap promotional item!

UM Imports best selling item is our polyester lanyards. With more than 50 million sold UM Imports prides itself in offering many types imprint for your needs:

Silk Screening Lanyards – This lanyards are the most economical product UM Imports offers, your logo or text can be silk screened on a polyester lanyard and it can achieve your promotional goals by coloring your logos or your text the way you want them.

Sublimated Lanyards – With our heat process, UM Imports can transfer almost any logo, image or design to our polyester based lanyards. Just check with your UM Imports representative the best way to achieve your goals with sublimation.

Woven Lanyards – These are our best looking lanyards with weaved material, whether is polyester, nylon or cotton we can offer you the best looking lanyards designed specifically for your promotion.

The best thing about our lanyards is that we can customize it specifically to your needs creating them in a specific PMS color or adding any type of attachment your client needs, amongst them we offer: split rings, j-hooks, breakaway clasps, airplane buckles and lobster claw.

Our prices are the best in the industry, just get in touch with one of our representative and we will make sure to send you a customized quote for your needs. You can contact UM Imports at the toll free number 866-999-6486 or you can email us at .

Below is our lanyard promotional flyer:

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Silicone Wristbands - A Low Cost Effective Form of Promotion!

Silicone Wrist Bands are the cheapest and most effective form of promotion! UM Imports has been manufacturing silicone wristbands for over 7 years and we have cornered this market producing over 1 Million pieces.

Silicone wristbands can take any form or shape, our best selling items are"
  • De-bossed or Embossed Wristbands
  • Color Filled Wristbands
  • Screen Printed Wristbands
  • Glow In The Dark Wristbands
  • Multi-colored Wristbands
  • Custom Shaped Wristbands
The usual overseas production time is 20 days and transit is 30 days (via ocean freight) or 10 days (via air freight). The costs vary (please see flyer by clicking on the image) by quantity, the more you buy the cheaper they cost. Rush service is available for this product.

If you have a worthy cause, a trade show or any event you want to promote contact UM Imports and we can certainly give you the lowest cost in the industry for custom wristbands. If you have any additional questions, please contact UM Imports at (866) 999-6486 or email us at

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Difference between Spot Color and Process Color

Our clients are always asking what the difference between spot color and process color is; here is a paper that explains the details of each process:

For most color print projects you will use either spot colors or process colors. Budget plays a large role in the decision as well as the printing method and the specific design elements used in the layout.

In general a couple of spot colors cost less than 4-color or process color printing but when you use full-color photos, process colors may be your only option. There are also some situations that call for both process colors and spot colors in the same print job.

When to Use Spot Colors (such as PMS Colors)

• Publication has no full-color photographs and uses only one or two colors (including one spot color plus black).

• Publication needs a color that cannot be accurately reproduced with CMYK inks, such as precise color matching of a corporate or logo color.

• Printing a specific color over multiple pages that require page to page color consistency.

• Printing over a large area, such as a poster (spot color inks may provide more even coverage).

• Need more vibrant colors than what CMYK inks produces.

• Project requires special effects such as metallic or fluorescent spot inks.

When to Use Process Colors (CMYK)

• Publication uses full-color photographs.

• Publication includes multi-color graphics that would require many colors of ink to reproduce with spot colors.

• Needs more than two spot colors (check with your printer; process color printing can be less expensive than using three, four, or more spot colors).

When to Use Process and Spot Colors Together

• Publication with full-color photographs must also incorporate specific spot colors that cannot be created with CMYK inks (such as logo color).

• Need to enhance or increase intensity of a specific process color by adding a spot color ink to it (a 5th plate for the spot color used in this manner is called a bump plate).

• Portions of a full color publication are coated with a clear varnish (the varnish is specified as a spot color).

For additional questions, please contact your UM Imports representative at 866-999-6486 or email with your question.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UM Imports - Made in China Made Easy!

UM Imports – Made in China Made Easy!

UM Imports Inc. with teams in Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Hong Kong and Beijing specializes in product sourcing, quality control and product development. By teaming up with UM Imports, Inc. our clients can benefit from FACTORY DIRECT China pricing. Our own offices in China allow us to efficiently source and quality control and inspect production facilities throughout China.

We stand behind our commitment:

“NEVER OVERPAY FOR IMPORTS AGAIN!”. We select the right manufacturers to meet your needs. Here are few reasons why we are so successful: Most of our clients use UM Imports Sourcing Services and/or utilize our Factory Direct Program rather than working directly with Chinese contract manufacturing companies because we save them both time and money, and we do it in a way that cuts their financial risk!

1. UM Imports has no financial ties to factories we use. We do not represent a group of specific Chinese factories. This allows us to use the best factories that will give our clients the quality product they require at the lowest possible prices.

2. We always use competitive bidding. We have offices in the major manufacturing areas of China. This enables UM Imports to get the best factories in different areas of China bidding against each other for our Clients’ work. Our Chinese staff negotiates a “China Price” rather than the “American Price” most U.S. companies are quoted. Most of our competitors, and/or individual companies that work directly with Chinese factories only have one office in China.

This severely limits the number of factories which they can draw upon.

3. We stand behind our products. We stand behind the quality of the product we import. If the products we deliver to our clients do not meet the standards of the approved pre-production samples – it is our problem! We stand 100% behind our money back guarantee policy.

For more information, please call us at 1-866-999-6486 or email us